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Introducing the project team of CARDET

Introducing the project team of CARDET

Dr Panagiotis Kosmas

Panagiotis Panagiotis is our Head of Education unit at CARDET responsible for 45 of projects related to education. As a senior researcher he has long-standing experience in research and managing european projects. His expertise lies mainly in education, innovation and technology and he has a keen interest in lifelong learning, adult education and proffesional development.

Kiki Kallis

Kiki is our HR manager at CARDET with over 20 years of experience in HR consulting and managing human resource departments.

A strong proponent of social justice and inclusion, she is also project manager on projects dealing with diversity and inclusion and employee wellbeing, topics that are close to her heart and professional interests.

Panagiotis Loizou

Panagiotis is a Researcher / Project Manager at CARDET with a background in the domain of Psychology and HR & Corporate Strategy. Throughout his studies he has received multiple academic awards and honors and he has worked in a variety of different professional and research settings. Amongst his aims and research interests is to work towards promoting social inclusion, and improving peoples’ well-being.

CARDET expertise in similar projects:

With over 350 completed projects, CARDET has vast expertise in the areas of professional development, developing strategies for adult education providers, developing competences. Improving the integration of low-skilled adults, supporting older workers in coping with age transitions and work requirements and improving VET training for young low-skilled learners.

Some recent indicative project names are: CODE, DIMA 2.0, GenZ, Walk the global walk, Measy, beOld and PROMOVET.

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