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International study of intergenerational family business

International study of intergenerational family business

The first part of a large scientific study, named Intergenerational Family Businesses as a Stress Management Instrument for Entrepreneurs, has been published. It has been compiled by an international academic network created under the INTERGEN project.

The purpose of this publication is to describe the results of an international research under INTERGEN about some attitudes in the students to choose the idea of family business. This psychological background is upgraded with analyses of their business expectations.

The network INTERGEN was launched in 2018; initially it conducted researches among students of 12 universities from 6 countries. The studies’ focus was on entrepreneurial attitudes in intergenerational family businesses. In 2020 more academic centers from Asia and Europe joint the network.

After the pandemic begun, the network went on working by moving into the cyberspace. The first online meetings were accomplished with the participation of scientists from 22 academic institutions from 8 countries of 2 continents – Albania, Bulgaria, Iran, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia and Uzbekistan.

The network aims to improve the understanding of the role of intergenerational family business for the development of students as entrepreneurs.

The international study, published by Angel Kanchev University of Ruse, Bulgaria, one of the active members of the INTERGEN network, can be read in English and downloaded at http://www.intergen-theory.eu/results.html.

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